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Viva Concepts Referral Marketing System

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Viva is a cost effective referral marketing program. It results in quality new clients for your office or business because all new clients are essentially referrals of your existing clients.
With the Viva System, the cost to acquire new clients is around $40 each. That’s considerably less than the cost through direct mail or most other types of advertising. Compare it to your current cost.
The Viva appointment card, which is customized for your office, has a Viva Referral Card attached. When your receptionist gives the appointment card to the existing client, she will automatically be asking for a referral from a friend or family.
It looks like this:

Here is a screen shot overview of the system:

Viva mailers can be done as a general purpose mailing to keep you in touch with your patients, or can be sent at Holidays and special occasions.
It contains a card for the patient to give to a friend or family, or to encourage the patient to come back to the office to start or continue his treatment or service. It also contains a personalized message from you.

Communication with your existing patients helps you maintain loyalty. Word of mouth is the best source of advertising, and your existing patients are the very best resource for quality referrals.

Viva Retention and Loyalty Mailers

The Viva Mailer is gorgeously designed with a beautiful insert that contains a personal message from the office.
This is a patient retention, reactivation & loyalty campaign where mailers are sent for birthdays, holiday season or “We Miss You” reactivation mailers chosen by the office.

Will this work for me ? What do I need ?

“Most business people believe that they can’t afford to spend money on marketing. If you spend money on marketing, it’s not marketing. Marketing is the greatest return on investment activity a business can ever do.”

  • Jay Abraham – author of New York Times bestseller
    Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got
  • Why should I pay for this now ?
    This system works even if you have no particular knowledge or interest in marketing. It works even better for you if you do know how to capitalize on possessing an actual and active Customer List. In that case you can flank it with additional marketing actions like a Newsletter , Seminars, video sales letters and so on. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and creativity.

The sooner you start the sooner the clients will arrive.

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Why most people consider advertising does not work.

Advertising is basically the delivery of a communication to someone who neither asked for it nor is interested in receiving it. More importantly, the recipient is usually annoyed by the existence of that communication line.

Some common examples.

You may be using some of these:

The television commercial – commercials are viewed as the price we are paying to watch a program we did not pay for. Businesses pay a lot of money to show their commercials to viewers who would do their best to avoid seeing those commercials. Recording programs and fast-forwarding commercials is one way to avoid receiving of those communications we did not ask for.

Banners on websites – Banners are also viewed as the price we pay to browse the net. You tube would show you a small 15 second video once in a while before letting the viewer just watch the videos they are requesting to see. Some websites charge a subscription fee so they do not have to sell advertising to monetize their sites. In fact, it is considered that the price of subscription entitles the subscriber to not be bothered with the banners.
Spam emails or even opted-in emails – Google, Yahoo and the like go through a lot of expense to prevent spam emails being delivered to their users. Today they are even going further to separate out social or promotional emails from other more important emails we receive. Google has placed a promotional tab that has resulted in the users not even seeing the promotional emails unless they want to.
Postcards – Junk mail consists of a real item such as a postcard or even a magazine that the advertisers send with regular mail. There is no way to opt out of junk mail other than throwing it into the trash before sorting out the mail which is what most people do.

Door to door salesmen – This is probably one of the earlier methods of advertising and it really goes without saying that nobody likes to open their home door to someone who wants to sell them something.
Telemarketing calls – Most people either hang up as soon as they receive a telemarketing call or try to be polite and suffer through the call until they finally hang up. Caller ID is one resource people have to not engage in conversation with people they do not recognize their phone numbers.
That people screen their calls and not answer many calls is further proof of the bigger situation that people are unwilling to accept and engage in a communication they did not ask for even though it may not be an ad or even a sales call. It may even be a friend one does not feel to speak with at the time a call is received.

The Reason Why – It is not difficult to understanding the reason why people do not wish to receive communication they did not ask for. They consider the ads to be worthless, hence “junk” mail. Same goes with banners, TV and radio commercials, emails and the such.

This opens the door then to how do we make advertising work!
Advertising can be made to work if the message or the communication were somehow made valuable to the recipient.
This is done in different ways today, but many of these don’t have long term workability. For instance, an advertising message can be “hidden” in a “valuable” email such as a newsletter with data the advertiser considers the recipient would be interested in receiving, hence a higher open rate, readership and therefore the potential that the reader would not object to receiving their message.
A sales seminar can be made “valuable” to a dentist for instance if the dentist gets CE units. Any seminar is made more “valuable” if it is done in a vacation type setting such as Hawaii, Cancun or Las Vegas.

The Viva Solution
Viva has attempted to make advertising work by elevating significantly the quality of real products that could be handed out or mailed while keeping the cost of those products at almost the levels of their low quality counterparts.
As all the products that Viva uses in its advertising are real products and not digital media, in order to keep the costs of those products low while significantly improving their quality it was forced into manufacturing of those products.
And we could say with confidence that Viva has been able to achieve the above in manufacturing.

Advertising claims must be truthful and non-deceptive, must be made with evidence that supports their claims, and must not be unfair.
There is no inherent component of the Viva Referral System which gives rise to a potential false advertising claim. The concern here is that the offer made by your business for inclusion on a Viva Referral Card must meet the three requirements of all advertising.

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Most Advertising is too expensive and doesn’t work. Television advertising worked in the 1950s and 1960s but has become far less effective and at an exorbitant price. Direct mail has become so voluminous as to be discarded without being looked at, and yields a 0.02% response rate at best. pay-per-click Internet advertising has likewise become so ubiquitous as to be rendered ineffective. Discount voucher programs bringing in new
”Clients” from areas not local to your business, only to take advantage of the ”deal” and never return. Bottom line – the average cost of a client acquisition is anywhere from $200 – $500 plus..

The best form of advertising has been and always will be Word of Mouth referral. The VIVA referral system is a culmination of 25 years of marketing in the dental industry. We are now expanding this into other industries. The program is simple – it is based on an aesthetically designed plastic card that has a high perceived value and helps to brand your business. The card gives a special offer to introduce new clients to your business.

It is given to your existing clients so that they can gift it to their friends and family. You are able to monitor resulting new clients through the Viva dashboard.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is Viva?

Viva is a cost-effective referral marketing program. It results in quality new patients or clients for your office. All new clients are essentially referrals from your existing clients.

How does it work?

The employees of the office simply give the Viva cards (gift cards with your information and offering) to the clients leaving the office to pass to their friends and family. Each card has a magnetic strip, the employee swipes the card before passing it out to the client and puts her name on the card.

The card will then be passed out by the client to a friend. When the new client comes in the card is swiped in and the office can monitor different statistics of the campaign, for example how many cards are being passed out, how many clients are coming in with them, What offers work best, et cetera.

What are the main differences between Viva and other marketing programs?

In the Viva system, the cost to acquire new clients averages around $40 each, considerably less than the cost of direct-mail or other types of advertising. Second, the focus is on quality. Because it is based on referrals, clients passing cards to their friends and family, Viva Dental for example averages much higher in treatment plan acceptance than other modes of broad advertising that motivate a new patient to come in solely because of a free offering.

How do you know what percentage of distributed cards come in?

Viva’s dashboard currently tracks over 700 different offices. The average response rate of the cards internally distributed is 3%.

What is text activation and how does it work?

Here is a Dental Office example:

Every office has one or more unique text activation codes. The text activation system increases the response rates of the cards as well as allowing the office to monitor the effectiveness of each campaign. The code might be something like ”CDD” for” California Dental Group.” There is a sticker on the back of the card of California Dental Group that will say” please text “CDD” to 284700 to activate your gift card.” When the recipient of the card texts letters CDD 284700, he will receive an auto reply on his cell phone message like ”Thank you very much, your card has been activated! Someone from California Dental Group will call you in 24 hours to schedule you for your visit.” In this way, the recipient of the gift card expects to receive a call for his appointment. The receptionist at California Dental Group receives an e-mail with the cell phone number of anyone texting their code i.e. activating their cards. This text activation system enables you to be proactive at setting appointments, as opposed to waiting for the patients to come in whenever they like to.

How do the appointment cards work?

The Viva Appointment Card solves the problem of distribution. It takes any thought or guesswork out of who and when to distribute Viva cards. Your office already routinely gives appointment cards to your clients – why not turn every appointment into an opportunity to get a new referral? The Viva appointment card, which is customized for your office, has a Viva Referral Card attached. When your receptionist gives the appointment card to the existing client, she will automatically be asking for a referral from a friend or family. The card is perforated so the appointment card can be retained by the client and your referral cards can be given away.

What are Viva mailers?

Viva sends beautiful, customize mailers to your database in clear plastic envelopes that patients find irresistible to open. It contains a card for the patient to give to a friend or family, or to encourage the patient to come back to the office to start or continue his treatment, it also contains a personalized message from you. Viva mailers can be done as a general purpose mailing to keep you in touch with your clients, or can be sent at Holidays and for special occasions.

Why would I want to mail a gift card to my existing clients?

Every day a business may lose their clients to competing business. Communication with your existing clients helps you maintain loyalty. Word-of-mouth is the best type of advertising, and your existing clients are the very best resource for quality referrals.

What if, when a card is given to a client to pass to a friend or family, he asks if he could have a gift card for himself?

This inquiry can be turned your advantage by an approach such as telling a client that the gift will be awarded to them when they refer someone to the business. Another approach might be to allow your existing clients to take advantage of the offer. It creates tremendous goodwill and many times leads to additional purchases.

Legal Considerations – does you system comply with State and Federal laws?

Our system conforms with State and Federal regulations concerning HIPPA and for Anti-kickback and Fee Splitting. We have an In-House
attorney department that monitors changes in these laws and full documentation is kept available for you.

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